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mini tennis

Mini Course

The best of our sport for

3 to 6 years old

It's never too early to start!

The Tennis Club d'Antibes has conceived the Mini program with the objective of allowing the child, thanks to adapted teaching and material, to be initiated to tennis while developing his psychomotor qualities.

The first steps in the Tennis Galaxy

This program meets the needs of children to move, have fun and... to learn! Thanks to an adapted language, the teacher enters your child's universe and allows him to acquire his first technical skills. The use of fun and varied educational tools colors the play area and contributes to the recreational aspect of the activity. 

Under the benevolent eye of the teacher, the child experiments with new situations and develops the qualities necessary for his future adult life: perseverance, confidence, taste for effort, respect for others... while hitting his first balls!

A coach who listens

The teacher's know-how is the key to the success of Mini Tennis.

His creativity, his positivity, his availability, his qualities of observation and adaptation will create the link with the children, essential to their development and progress.

How does a session go?

Adapted equipment delimits play areas where workshops are set up. Thus, the children move from one workshop to another in small groups in complete safety.
They enter a game universe, become familiar with the racket, balls, targets, experiment, learn and socialize. 

As a parent, you can simply accompany your child or participate in a workshop. 
Mini Tennis is also about sharing great moments with your child!

1 hour lesson                                270€/year
+ 1 hour free                         

3 to 6 years

From November 07, 2022 to June 17, 2023

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