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Galaxie Course

A dynamic and quality education since 1970 for children from 6 to 11 years old

Find your sport!

Our Galaxie program uses the game as the main piece of learning and has as its main objective to get children to play matches while immersing themselves in the values of tennis. 

The game above all

Pedagogy, equipment and courts: everything is done to allow the children to play from the very first sessions.  They have fun, play hard and progress while exchanging the ball or trying to win points.
They learn to analyze the situation, to adapt to different styles of play and to forge their own.
Children develop their physical and psychological qualities: speed, endurance, concentration, agility, coordination, adaptation, skill, self-control...

Values through

There is no sport without sportsmanship. Respect for the rules of the game, for the opponent, for the teacher, for the referee, for fair play, for honesty, for self-control in victory as in defeat: these tennis values provide a framework for the children's activities so that they can progress while having maximum pleasure on the court. 


The teachers and volunteers also strive to convey this state of mind within the club. The environment is conducive to the integration of children into the sporting life of the club.

The weekly teaching sessions and the "Game & Match" days encourage exchanges between the children... on and off the court!

Objective match!

The objective of Galaxie Tennis is to naturally bring children to play matches independently. 


Initiations to matches, animations or "plateaux" (without official results) and official competitions (from 8 years old and orange level) are organized in the club throughout the learning process to create a healthy competitive atmosphere and to motivate the children... because the game is the match!

1h30 of class                                370€/year

3h course                                       650€/year

4h30 of class                                900€/year

6 to 11 years old

From November 07, 2022 to June 17, 2023

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