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Teens Course

Meet new people while progressing in the sport you love for kids 12 years and older

Having fun

The "Club Ados" program has been developed by the coaches of the Antibes Tennis Club so that it can be adapted to the rhythm and expectations of teenagers.


The objective is to focus on their investment and their progress. 

Gain in autonomy

In parallel to these sessions, the club's staff encourages free play by helping teenagers to organize themselves, plan matches among themselves and reserve their own courts.
To facilitate this autonomy, certain time slots are reserved for them during the school vacations.

"We want to make them autonomous so that they can enjoy playing with each other," explains Marc Renoult, head of the DTN's Technical and Pedagogical Department. 
"Game & Match" sessions are also organized to assess each player's progress and set all their next goals."

In the life of the club

One of the main objectives of the Teen Program is to enhance the role of teenagers within the club: by giving them missions during events that bring together all the club's members (tournaments, team matches, various activities), by encouraging them to create their own "Tennis Space", by directing them towards referee or instructor training, by helping them create a teenage committee within the club, or by giving them the responsibility of running a "Club Teenagers" page on social networks.

The club will promote their integration, and especially, their sporting and human development.

1h30 of class                                370€/year

3h course                                      650€/year

4h30 of class                                900€/year

12 to 17 years old

From November 07, 2022 to June 17, 2023

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