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Padel group lessons in Antibes

The Tennis Club d'Antibes launches its Padel school with specialized coaches on 3 new and lighted courts. 

The sport of the 21st century

A racquet sport halfway between tennis and squash.

User-friendly, fun and easy to play, it is suitable for women, men and children.

An ideal sport to practice with friends, family or colleagues.


Each formula includes group lessons allowing players to move forward together in the same direction, towards the same goal.

Why play Padel?

In full expansion since the beginning of the 2000s, paddle tennis counts today more than 70 000 players in France.


It is very playful because it requires less physical effort than tennis or squash.

It is also easier to make exchanges thanks to the size of the court and the walls which surround the ground, even with a beginner level, contrary to the other more technical racket sports.

The fun is immediate!

Who can play

Children: It is an ideal sport for motor skills and coordination, children will enjoy learning to play as a team.

Women: Today, more women play padel than tennis. 

For seniors, padel is an excellent intermediate between tennis and golf.


The racket is very easy to handle, smaller, it is an extension of the hand.

Positive effects

Physically, Padel has a lot of positive effects that your body will quickly notice. For example, Padel will allow you to improve your coordination, agility, tone your muscles, take care of your heart by strengthening it, and develop your reflexes.


Complemented with balanced meals, Padel is a sport that will help you lose those extra pounds and keep you in good physical shape. If you are in your ideal weight range, Padel will keep you there, and develop your agility and tone.

1 hour class                                   299€/year

2 x 1 hour class                             569€/year

From November 07, 2022 to June 17, 2023

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Beginner or expert? Child or adult? The Tennis Club d'Antibes padel training courses are the ideal opportunity to discover

padel or to refine your game.

Practical information:

  • From Monday to Friday

  • Summer period only

  • From 6 years old


Courses available to adults, but also to children from 6 years old. The time slots and schedules vary according to the season.

Contact our team for more information.

Interested in group tennis lessons?

padel antibes

More about Antibes

The city of Antibes

Located 10 km from Cannes and 25 km from Nice airport, Antibes is a rich medieval town set on a sandy beach.
Antibes, a town of 70,000 inhabitants, is one of the most sporty towns in France. 

Many athletes such as Alain Bernard, Hamilton Sabot, Elodie Lorandi and Jean Quiquampoix have made Antibes shine all over the world.  

antibes ville
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