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How to progress quickly in padel? We give you 5 tips!

Padel is a racquet sport that has grown in popularity in recent years. It is a sport that can be easily accessible to beginners, but it is also possible to progress quickly with a little training and practice.

In this article, we will give you tips on how to progress quickly in padel when you are a beginner, whether you choose to practice independently or by taking lessons at a club.

1/ Understanding the rules of the game

The first step to progressing quickly in paddle tennis is to understand the rules of the game. You need to know how the game is played, how points are scored, and the rules for serving, volleying and getting the ball out. Once you understand these rules, you will be able to better understand how to play the game and how to score points.

2/ Working on the basic technique

Basic technique is crucial to progressing quickly in padel. Basic strokes include the volley, smash, bandeja, vibora and counter attack. It is important to work on these basic strokes to improve your accuracy, power and timing. Online training videos and club padel lessons can help you improve your basic technique.

3/ Improve your movement

Padel is a sport of movement, so it is important to improve your movement on the court. You need to learn to anticipate the ball's movement and move quickly to be able to hit it correctly. It is also important to work on your positioning on the court (especially on defense!), so that you are ready to hit the ball no matter where your opponent is.

4/ Learning to play as a team

Padel is a team sport, so it is important to learn to play with your partner. You need to communicate with your partner to organize your game strategy and you need to be able to coordinate to play effectively as a team. Club games can help you improve your team play by allowing you to practice with different partners.

5/ Play regularly

Regular practice is the key to making rapid progress in padel. You need to play regularly to improve your technique, endurance and game strategy. If you can't play 4 player games, you can also practice on your own or in pairs using the practice courts and special padel balls!

In conclusion, padel is a fun sport that is accessible to beginners, and it is possible to progress quickly with a little training and practice.

Padel club clinics can be a great way to progress quickly with the help of professional coaches and the experience of more experienced players. However, if you can't take lessons at a club, you can also practice on your own during games with friends.

If you are looking to make rapid progress in paddle tennis, it is important to stay motivated and continue practicing at least 2-3 times a week. By applying these tips, you can quickly improve your game and have more fun on the court.

And don't forget that our padel club is always available to help you progress and reach your sporting goals.

We look forward to accompanying you in your padel progress!

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